Installation 300t Stamping Press Machine

We installed a new machine, 300t Stamping Press machine.

This machine is biggest machine into our factory.

We will deliver a several stamping press part to DENSO group by using this machine.


and many JP-visitor corporated to install Machine.

We would like to express an appriciation to them.

During they stayed in Thailand, we enjoyed football game with them.


3rd Anniversary

On April 23rd, 2016, Nippa celebrated Company 3rd Anniversary (April 25th).
We open good chance to associate for visit and celebrated together with us.
Associate’s relatives can visit they relatives’s workplace and enjoy lots of activities in this event. In this golden opportunity, It is the marvellous memory.

Nippa_3rd-1Nippa_3rd-158Nippa_3rd-122Nippa_3rd-120Nippa_3rd-280 Nippa_3rd-313 Nippa_3rd-237Nippa_3rd-376

Visited by Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna

For public learning.

Nippa open a chance to education sectors,who interested in NIPPA’s Production
process and Technology.

In this occasion, March 23rd, 2016.
Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna visited us for study by observation
the production process and high technology machines.
We proud to be the factory that enhance visual studying and technology education
in Thailand.

DSC02688 DSC02677

Achievement 10,000,000 pcs mass-production of Radiator-cap,

We achieved 10,000,000 pcs mass-production of Radiator-cap at March, 2016.

We really appreciate to all of customer and supplier.  We wouldn’t be able to achieve it without any support from customer and supplier.

and Thank you, all of associate NIPPA(THAILAND).

We promise to all of customer to continue our contribution.


Getting the certification of ISO9000 and 14000.

ISONIPPA(THAILAND) got the certification of ISO9000 and 14000 at April 2015.

To all of supporter and auditor, we would like to express our appreciation.

We promise to our all of customers that we will improve our process more by using ISO system.



10,000,000 pcs production, Terminal sub-assy.

NIPPA achieved the 10,000,000 pcs production, Terminal sub-assy at March 2015.IMG_1150 IMG_1144





Since we establish the plant here, we have been trying the effecient production of Terminal sub-assy.


Congratulation and Thank you, All associate’s contribution.


Greeting from NIPPA.

We are very sorry because we didn’t update anything long time.
From now on, we will update more frequent this HP.






Thank you.