Welcome New President Gladly

Due to NIppa corporation is time to rotate the new president and shareholder,
We are proud to welcome The New president of Global NIppa, Mr.Noriki Yakyu
Who will develop and sustain Nippa group continually.

            “First Memorial Nippa-Thai ‘s group picture with New president”

            IMG_1901 - Copy

Team building activities

For Building up team relationship and organize relationship,
Nippa was held team building activitiy on June 11th, 2016.
We had a lots of activities that will make nippa family
Become the strongest team and have the Strongest relationship.
IMG_1102             IMG_1103

Installation 300t Stamping Press Machine

We installed a new machine, 300t Stamping Press machine.

This machine is biggest machine into our factory.

We will deliver a several stamping press part to DENSO group by using this machine.


and many JP-visitor corporated to install Machine.

We would like to express an appriciation to them.

During they stayed in Thailand, we enjoyed football game with them.